Cathedrals, Casemates and Castles

We visited Cologne, Luxembourg City, and took a boat ride on middle Rhine on the long weekend from 1st to 3rd of August, 2003. My primary motivation for visiting Cologne was to see the famous cathedral. Indeed the cathedral is impessive, though I would admit that Milan's one is more so. Cologne has many other interesting points despite the fact that the city was completely destroyed in WWII. Luxembourg City exceeded my expectations. The town is spectacularly located between two deep valleys. The primary points of interest are the medieval casemates, 23 km long underground network of tunnels. The boat ride on middle Rhine would have been a perfect ending of the trip if not for the scorching sun. Nevertheless, the scenery was beautiful, with u-turns of Rhine and a castle at almost every bend of the river. We terminated our trip at St. Goar where a medival parade was going on.

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