A weekend trip with Rajesh and Vish (2nd-3rd July 2005). The primary aim was to spend a night in Cabane du Moiry, a Swiss Alpine Club hut at 2850m). On 2nd, we first visited a huge cirque called Creux du Van in Jura. We then headed for the Moiry Valley in Valais. By the time we reached the starting point for the hike to the cabane, it was quite late and the fog was decending. Luckily, once we reached the cabane, the fog was gone, and we could enjoy the sunset on the spectacular Moiry icefall. Next day we made an early start to return back to the valley floor, and proceeded to an adjacent valley called Val Ferpecle (a tributary glen of Val d'Herens). We did a short walk to Galcier du Mont Mine, at the end of the valley. While returning back, we visited Les Hauderes, one of the main villages in Val d'Herens.



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