Allegra !!

These are some selected photos from three day hikes I made from Lavin in August 2003, with Werner - who hosted me and planned the hikes. On Day 1, we walked from Lavin to the Verstancla glacier, and back, via the valley of Lavinuoz. Day 2 saw us in the National Park of Switzerland - we took a postal bus from Zernez to Punt la Drossa, from where we hiked up to Munt la Schera (2570m) and down to Buffalora. The hike on Day 3 was a short one - we walked from Scuol to Tarasp Castle, passing through Clemgia gorge and Avrona. (By the way, if you happen to be on these trails, don't forget to use "Allegra" - greetings in Romanch, one of the national languages of Switzerland.)



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